Laatste event update:
18-11-2017, 15:17
If gender is considered a repetitive performance as per Judith Butler, how can these stylized acts of repetition be distorted and renormed through acts of resistance? Join us for a discussion on the possibilites that performing arts pose for creating non-normative representations of gender, sexuality and migrancy.

Language: English/Dutch

Free entry to the debate! Claim your ticket at the De Balie box office. Queering the Stage short film screening sold separately.

The festival’s Queering the Stage program introduces ways of queering the performing arts. How can performing arts crush patriarchy, abolish gender roles, and move beyond the heteronormative axis on an trans-regional level? You are invited to discuss the topics with professionals from diverse cultural fields. Following the debate, three films – ANYA KNEEZ: A Queen In Beirut, Decoding DarkMatter, and Tango Queerido – supply the audience with possible approaches to the topic, focusing on the fields of drag, poetry, theatre and dance.

Hoe wordt kunst queer? Hoe kunnen de uitvoerende kunsten grensoverschrijdend afrekenen met het patriarchaat, geijkte gender rollen en hetero-normatieve beperkingen? Professionals uit de culturele sector treden hierover in gesprek. Aansluitend aan het debat tonen de films ANYA KNEEZ: A Queen In Beirut, Decoding DarkMatter en Tango Queerido drie uiteenlopende voorbeelden met betrekking tot drag, poëzie, theater en dans.