Laatste event update:
13-02-2018, 12:57
Vieze Poezendek celebrates 4 years of sexy and openminded HipHop/R&B clubnights at AIR Amsterdam and a permanent stage at Milkshake festival! The mixed baby of Milkshake started out as a champagne deck to one of the biggest areas of the festival. Leading DJs and performers with different cultural backgrounds and sexual preferences come together to create something magical.

Creatives, clubbers and festival visitors who love 'urban music' come together, all with an open mind, to bump 'n grind. On the 24th of February we celebrate the anniversary of club nights in her home; AIR Amsterdam!

AIR 1: FS Green, Mitchel Kelly, Rough&Maximoes, Covergirl Sunny, KLEINE KIM & JNM The Naked MC
AIR 2: Janey
Femmetastic, NINA, Charlie, Nikky Adriana & Mc Gigi
AIR 3: Totally
Ahead of the Curve, Alicia de Lima, Alex Russo Sincera, Shug La Sheedah, MC Manny, Percussie Ceciel Moyano Adriaanse, Edwin S & Totally Dragqueens

Milkshake kick-off party! 3 Milkshake festival 2018 - Amsterdam stages combined in one club <3
If you've got a ticket for Milkshake festival 2018 - Amsterdam you can get a birthday present; A Vieze Poezendek ticket for 4 euros!