Laatste event update:
13-09-2017, 21:23
Deze presentatie is volledig in het Engels!

Sarah Ratcliffe, (M.Sc. Health and Social Psychology), has been travelling around the Netherlands researching how transgender people in the Netherlands experience stigma and will present the results of her research in an open discussion at Cafe Rose on October 20th. Included will be how transgender persons are stigmatised in the Netherlands, what helps people manage the good and bad experiences, what needs to happen to support transgender people, and what is currently happening to improve the lives of transgender persons. Join us at 19:45 to enjoy a drink and snack before the presentation starts at 20:15.
The main goal is to spread the understanding gained from this research and give back to everyone who has assisted with the research. The presentation will be in English and ​anyone who has a positive association with Transgender people is invited to attend.​ If you have any questions or comments you can contact Sarah at or TransLimburg at
Afterwards, CafeRose will be open for socialising and there will be a closed group meeting at 21:15 for any transgender persons looking for a supportive peer group. For more information about the meeting afterwards, head to (meeting event link)