Laatste event update:
19-10-2017, 13:47
Hooker's Ball - U might get laid but u won't get paid!

Get back to the 80's!
This year's ADE Hoerenbal edition will be gay clubbing at its best.
Our ADE line-up DJ Priszilla / Patrick J. Master / Michael Gualtieri
VJ Alex Kaseta and acts by The House of Hopelezz!

Dress code/looks (not mandatory but appreciated): Leotards, legwarmers, terry cloth headbands, Andy Warhol, rattails, ponytails and perms, Grace Jones, neon jazzercise, party monsters and club kids, Debbie Harry, velour trackies, Michael Jackson, parachute pants, scrunchies, yuge hair, shoulder pads & spandex

All genders & sexualities welcome
€ 12.50

Extra long ADE edition till 8am!