Laatste event update:
21-02-2018, 10:58
This coming April 7th, an all new all exclusive "Power Cocktailer" -invite only- party will land in the port of Rotterdam! At the one and only Factory 010.

From the guys that brought you Cocktail Fest..., this time..., we're going harder! Hotter..., sexier..., darker..., and much..., more..., underground! But at great heights.

Come dance to the pumping beats of our sexy DJ's. Come trip on our hypnotic vibes. Come and enjoy the view of our steamy hot enslaved dancers.

Just always remember..., do what you want to do, but go hard or go home!


Only those of you who've bought tickets for one of our previous episodes of Cocktail Fest received a special code in our recent newsletter and got the opportunity to buy a ticket for themselves. If you didn't receive a code..., just ask one of your friends (there's a good chance some of 'm will have it).

Stay tuned, line-up will be announced soon!