Laatste event update:
02-12-2017, 14:12
IQMF 2017 presents "HOMØE - Looking For Shelter" directed by Bin Chen who will be part of the IQMF Academy this year.
The director will be present for a Q&A, also main subject Javid Nabiyev will be preent for Q&A.. This joined screening concludes with "The Migrant Mixtape" directed by Eli Jean Tahchi

HOMØE - Looking For Shelter
Germany 56min,2017
Language: English, German /Subtitles: English

The documentary follows the lives of three individuals fleeing persecution and discrimination: Javid from Azerbaijan, who pursues political activism; Boris from Russia who has found his place in Germany’s first shelter for LGBTIQ refugees; and Melissa from Syria who encourages other refugees through her art.

Deze documentaire volgt drie personen die op de vlucht zijn voor onderdrukking en discriminatie: politiek activist Javid uit Azerbaijan, Boris uit Rusland die een plek krijgt in Duitsland’s eerste AZC voor LHBTIQ vluchtelingen en Melissa uit Syrië die andere vluchtelingen een hart onder de riem steekt door middel van kunst.

The Migrant Mixtape
Canada 22min, 2017
Language: Arabic, English, French /Subtitles: English
Documentary, Short

Arab LGBTIQ individuals send Helem Montreal the Migrant Mixtape, a series of recorded letters. They are asking for support to seek asylum in Canada in order to escape persecution and homophobic violence in their country of origin. One of them, Adib Mardini, tells us about the process that changed his life.

Arabische LHBTIQ vluchtelingen sturen de Migrant Mixtape, een reeks ingesproken brieven aan Helem Montreal. Ze vragen steun bij hun asielaanvraag in Canada om te ontsnappen aan het homogeweld in hun eigen land. Adib Mardine vertelt ons over de procedure die zijn leven veranderde.