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28-11-2017, 13:57
"It's brilliant. If this film made it, then of course we can screen many others," said Sikander, a member of the audience who only gave his first name, as he left the theatre at the Carthage Film Festival.

The room of 500 seats was not big enough to fit all those who flocked to see "Upon the shadow", an intimate -- at times explicit -- portrait of a group of transvestite and gay friends speaking openly about their love lives, being rejected by their families and their fear of the police. (, Nov. 10, 2017).

We are so proud to screen the film Upon the Shadow in collaboration with our Amsterdam based friend film festival TranScreen Film Festival!

Upon the Shadow
Tunisia 80min,2017
Language: Arabic /Subtitles: English

In 2013, Amina Sboui, who was 18 at the time, posted a photo of herself on Facebook, bare-chested with the text ‘My body is mine and not the source of other people’s honour.’ written on her chest. This was the first FEMEN protest in Tunisia. Her following arrest caused a worldwide array of protests, which resulted in her release. Three years later we visit Amina in the house that she shares with a group of LGBT friends. Rejection by family and society, and the pain that accompany this, form a constant thread running through their lives.


In 2013 postte de 18 jarige Amina Sboui een foto op Facebook van haar ontblote borst met de tekst: ‘Mijn lichaam is de mijne en niet een bron van andermans trots.’ Dit was de eerste FEMEN protest in Tunesië. We ontmoeten de mysterieuze Amina Sboui, voormalig lid van FEMEN. Ze huisvest een groep LHBTQI vrienden die allen verstoten zijn door hun familie en de maatschappij. Dankzij Amina duiken we in hun verhalen en worden onverwachte gebeurtenissen onmiddellijk vastgelegd op camera.