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Danceclub Now&Wow, active since April 2000 on many different industrial locations, anticipates very swiftly on the actual trends in society. Both the consumer society and the polarising community are constantly being ridiculed with a huge dose of irony. The duo Pietra Ligura and Ted Langenbach realised this colourful and glamorous platform within the obscure walls of Now&Wow by means of image, sound and the club's characteristic perfomance art.

On theme nights such as Lolita Klup, Hipsters, Electric Ballroom, Beatboetiek, Flirt, Kissy Kissy Bang Bang, S.H.I.T. (Sophisticated High International Trash), Soulpunkers on Discospeed and Speedfreax music, image, design, fashion, theatre and performances all melted together into an ultimate mix which stimulated the many visitors to also participate artistically.

Andy Warhol, Serge Gainsbourg, Emma Peel, Pipo the Clown, Michel Houellebecq, No-Wave & Punk, B-movies, Araki, Robert Rauschenberg, Jacques Tati, Russ Meyer, Destroy Art, Paco Rabanne, Larry Clark, Luis Bunuel, Pier Paulo Pasolini, Jaybird, Vladmimir Nabokov, Paul McCarthy and Michelangelo Antonioni- these are just a mere few of the many widely divergent artists that inspired Ted & Pietra.

Nowadays Now & Wow organizes twice a year the indoor festival Now & Wow Fest. In addition, unique collaborations with for example Milkshake festival, Blown away and Kunsthal Rotterdam.
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